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Meet Katrina.

Katrina Valentine is the principal Licensed Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist at Valentine Esthetics, a permanent makeup & skincare studio located in the heart of Lakeland. Katrina is gifted in establishing a level of comfort with clients that makes a potentially uneasy experience, enjoyable. Katrina understands the importance of meeting her clients where they are in an inviting, non-judgmental atmosphere. When performing any service, she believes in a delicate balance of skill, passion and therapy. This trio ultimately leads to clients looking their best, but most importantly feeling worthy. Katrina believes in the power of educating clients on multiple levels and stops at nothing to provide the utmost convenience, care, comfort and consistency.

Pink Marble

The Best Therapeutic Care for your Skin

Valentine Esthetics serves as a refuge for the skin as well as the soul. No matter the level of sensitivity or modesty, we are committed to providing clients with an exceptional skincare experience. At Valentine Esthetics, we strive to educate clients about proper aftercare that will aid in skin restoration. We understand that each client’s level of comfort and convenience is different and make it our duty to meet each client where they are. Not only are we present for them skillfully, but also therapeutically. Valentine Esthetics is a licensed, insured, and state certified biohazard compliant environment. 

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